It is my greatest joy, and passion to lead others to a healthier lifestyle and to find strength in not only body but mind as well.

It's time to do the work.

It is my greatest joy, and passion to lead others to a healthier lifestyle and to find strength in not only body but mind as well.

It's time to do the work.


Every Monday at 9 AM

60-Minute Cycle at San Juan Capistrano 24-Hour Fitness Super Sport

Every Sunday at 9 AM

Katie's Badd Ass Group Workout at Shredz Gym

Every Tuesday & Friday at 3:15 PM

C1 Non-Heated Beginning Yoga at Core Power

Every day at 9:30am

Amp Cycle at Life Time Fitness, Rancho San Clemente

Weekly workout and check-in. Personalized nutritional coaching. Personalized workout regimen. Support and accountability. 24/7 access to Coach Katie. What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

8 Reasons to Work with Katie
Body Transformation

Let me help you take care of those problem areas once and for all.

private yoga

Group yoga not for you? Get personal and private yoga training.

competition prep

I've done it, successfully, many times. I can get you ready to compete.

meal prep

Food is as important (if not more) as physical activity. Get it dialed in.

lifestyle balancing

Part of your overall health is about balance. I'll show you how to get there.

Hormonal Imbalance Recovery

Have you suffered from hormonal imbalance? I can help you recover effectively.

personal training

Don't like being in a class with others? Get one-on-one time with Coach Katie.

guided meditation

Meditation struggles? Apps not cutting it? Let me guide you!

What to expect from Katie's training


Action-packed and exciting. Zero chance of getting bored!


Personalized just for you. No one-size-fits-all here!


No fads. Just research-backed methods.

Join dozens of others, just like you

Almost everyone that I have coached started out with some self-doubt, hesitation and discomfort. Change is hard and not something that comes easy for most people. But ask those same people if they’re glad they signed up and all of them will give you an enthusiastic “hell yeah!” Now it’s your turn!

before & after
Look at These Transformations

These results speak for themselves! Take a look at these real-life results and understand that this could be you if you decide to take action. 


Who is Coach Katie?

My fitness journey is inspired by the transformative power fitness has to enrich the lives of others through movement of the body. It is my greatest joy, and passion to lead others to a healthier lifestyle and to find strength in not only body but mind as well.

I Transform Lives Every Single Day

Katie began her love for movement of the body and athletics at a young age, playing Club Soccer and participating in both competitive Dance and Cheer teams.

She graduated from SDSU with a degree in English Literature and spent her early career in sales in the alcohol industry all the while racking up certifications in the fitness field.

She became Schwinn Cycle Certified in 2010, NESTA Certified Personal Trainer 2011, CorePower Yoga 200 Hour Power Vinyasa and 50 hour Extension program 2018, as well as studying Nutrition at Saddleback University in 2016.

Katie trains out of Shredz Gym in Ladera Ranch and also teaches Cycle and Bootcamp at 24-Hour Fitness SJC. 

She is the proprietor of Coaching with Katie Fitness, which offers body transformation, competition prep, lifestyle balancing, personal training, private yoga, meal prep, hormonal imbalance recovery, and guided meditation.

Lastly, Katie is a 6-time Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor and an Overall Masters Bikini Champion.  Katie is happily married to a 10-year Marine Corps Veteran who is now works in Law Enforcement and has two beautiful daughters ages 9 and 11. 


What others say about Coach Katie

I started working with Katie back in February while recovering from elbow surgery. Since I couldn’t do a lot of upper body exercises, Katie designed a lower body routine that was custom tailored to me, to meet my goals. Katie also designed a custom nutrition plan for me. I told her I did not want to think about my food. I just wanted to eat. So she designed a plan that told me exactly what to eat, & how much to eat. As my elbow has gotten stronger, Katie has designed upper body workouts to help me reach my goals. I always felt like I knew how to train, but Katie has added things to my routine to shock my body in order to get better results. So far I have lost 19 pounds working with Katie, while at the same time building muscle & leaning out which is exactly what I wanted. I look forward to more gains in the future as Katie continues to tweak my program so I can achieve maximum results. Any time I have had any questions, she has always been there to answer them for me. Katie is dedicated to making each person she works with the best version of themselves that they can be.

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After many conversations I finally decided to join Katie on a journey that completely changed my life and probably saved it as well. She taught me both mental and physical health. After I blew my knee she adjusted the routine and I still lost 40 lbs!


In just 12 days of working with you, I feel incredible with my energy, mental clarity, cravings are gone, hunger is completely manageable and I realize that 1200 calories a day is not starvation. You have helped me empower myself, my food intake, eliminating alcohol and sugar. I am claiming my life back, thanks to you.


Katie really does transform lives. I was already pretty fit and health-conscious, but she dialed everything in and customized a routine specifically for my body and my goals. The results were amazing, even within weeks. I highly recommend Katie!


I really wanted to thank my badass trainer, Katie, for giving me the tools, support and motivation I needed to make a lifestyle change and get moving. She's so rad. Still have some more to go, but most importantly I feel amazing and healthier than I have in a long time.


I had never been to a gym before because I was too self-conscious. I have some physical limitations that I thought I couldn't overcome but Katie created a specialized workout regimen for me and now I'm addicted to working out! Do yourself a favor and book a session with Katie!


Coaching with Katie

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